20 Feb


This is what I do most of the time.

I write >

“Our specialized technology is used in over 50 countries around the world…blah, blah…”

” The Oxydizer mineral water always offers 100% purity down to the last refreshing drop…blah, blah…”

“At the twist of your wrist watch the world disappear behind…blah, blah…”

And sometimes rough storyboards like this to give a thematic idea >

Location : Outdoor

Time: Day Scene: Bike Chase Time Frame: 30 seconds 7 Cuts

Scene open: Bike ready to start

Cut: Bike tugs up into air. Speeds away

Cut: Speeding ahead on road

Cut: Overtaking cars

Cut: Helicopter Chase

Cut: Areal view of bike speeding

Cut: The word ‘Vanishing Point” flash on screen


V/O:  The new OXYDIZER Roadjet2000- Ride the power to disappear.

Cut: To Logo: Tagline: Put the world back

Now all this has got nothing to do with this post.

This blog is about love, romance, sex and relationships. I thought that I’ll introduce a blog that tries to identify the ‘ENGINES’ that drive us in this world of hearts and beds.

I set out to release our inner demons and angels of love, sex, marriages, break ups, divorces, EXs, sinners, saints, attractions, lust, celibacy and on and on.

Soon I realized that I was fed up with all my expert opinions, insights, confusions and analysis. You too must have figured out by now that there is a million tons information on the subject.

There’s enough dope and certainly I am not the cluttered path to the subject’s perfection. Sometimes each of us bump into our unique bonding situations on these journeys of our hearts and we may match or TUNE IN with each other at some point.

So, I decided to take the blog into another direction of fun and fest and forbidden fruits.

And sure, sometimes I’ll get back into serious territory whenever it deserves attention purely because it’s on MY CANVAS of love, sex, romance and emotions.

And your canvas too when linked to mine.


Have a great day.



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