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It’s hard to put my finger on anything. But I guess I have a vague idea by now about girls getting attracted to bad guys. Our human chemistry of love, sex and relationships is about strange animal magnetism.

Choices are wired inside and some can get real kinky when the triggers are right. One girl’s torture can be another girl’s spa therapy.

The general feeling in everyone is that girls somehow seem to get attracted to bad guys, at some stage or the other.The voices deep down everyone, seemed to be more or less the same everywhere. But the girls were  smart enough to know the difference between two switches. One called INTERESTING and the other PREFERRED

So, what is that INTERESTING stuff about bad guys?

The mystery seems to lie in the forbidden fruits dangling in the bad gardens . Rules stop fun. Breaking them is adrenalin. Now this takes a certain amount of courage and confidence.  What the girls can’t do, the bad guys can. They add boldness to a girl’s life where she excitedly joins the the adventure bandwagon.

Also, the joy in freaking out is inversely proportional to age, where the heart can sometimes get stuck at 18. Now does a girl have to be bad to like a bad guy? But then what’s that got to do with the morals of a mouse that loves the cheese in the trap anyway?

And so it’s said that the good guy ends up last in the long queue. He probably looks like a dot on the horizon behind.

And then, why is the good guy the PREFERRED switch?

What’s preferable about the good fella?

I guess there are enough sensible girls who know the difference between sensible adventure and juvenile adventurism.

They can spot a guy who’s nice, works hard to set up a home and career, cares for the woman he’s committed to and likes to provide  status, respect, security and stability for her.

He’ll keep doing that until one day a little kid comes up to him and probably says, ” Hey Grandpa, It’s Grandma’s birthday today…”

Point 2 >

Sadly, bad can be paired with masculinity. If that’s so, then is a terrorist who hides behind anonymity to hurt innocent people a real man? Surely he’s not a good guy, is he?


So, when the good guy stands in line, he could look like a lonely dot far away at the end.



I’ll look at it another way.

There are a lots of smarter and sensible girls who may not like the crowds rushing at the front. They are also at the back with him. So all they have to do is to turn around 180 degrees and change the direction of the queue.

Now back there, the bad guys will look like a dot.

Break the rule.


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