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The logo of love

There is a  story of love behind the Benz logo.

One day Karl Benz was shuffling through an old cupboard and found a greeting card given by his grandfather to his grand mother.

The card had a simple star and the words written by his Grandpa to his grandma said that she was like a star in the sky.

The greeting card became this legendary logo that’s behind one of the best engineered cars in the world today.

Motorcycles :

Pic: The Daimler Motor Cycle built in 1885

The basic principle of a motorcycle engine is the same. However the kinetic (Speed) transmission in a bike is done through a chain. Motorcycles mainly run on petrol. Diesel is used for heavy vehicles where power and momentum is more important than speed.

Gottlieb Daimler (1834 – 1900):

Born in Schorndorf, Germany, Daim;ler worked as a gunsmith and studied engineering. He was the first to come up with the idea of using petrol and electrical ignition to drive a car. Daimler and Wilhem Maybach then built their first 4- wheel  model in 1885.

The motor cycle was  invented by fitting an engine into a cycle. Later it was fitted into a four wheeled carriage to make a car that ran at 18 mph ( 30 kph).

The model was a grand success and the duo formed the famous Daimler Motor Company that manufactures the legendary Mercedes Benz.

Karl Friedrich Benz (1844 – 1929):

Born in Karlsruhe, Germany, Benz was the son of a railwayman who died when Benz was a boy. The little boy struggled to support himself and his mother. Benz set up his own workshop and learned to work on gas engines. He produced a petrol engine that turned at 250-300 rpm and installed it on a tri-cycle. His tri-cycle had  an ignition system, water-cooling and differential gears.

In 1926 Benz merged with the Daimler motor company and became Mercedes – Benz

The Mercedes today

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