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When I read it, it made sense. And it made me sad.

The write up said that single women get most lonely on all big holidays.

Such as, New Year, Valentine day or any of those love ’n’ romance occasions

The graph touches high on the lonely charts. This , they say, is when the loner gal is likely to say YES to all our overtures.

OK. Mood tides can have a 1000 more reasons. But- what if they turn out to be ‘Trick-her-into-sex’ opportunities for the unscrupulous? She could be vulnerable.

So, the guy has to be genuine. Probably a smart woman knows the yardsticks.

But -why on these cupid-driven occasions? Because, said the writer, their loneliness is most highlighted- magnified, felt the most- when the world is freaking out all around them. They feel alone in an empty bandwagon. They miss the security of love, the warmth of a cuddle, the reassurance of a kiss…

Besides this, another point strikes me. Why only women? Even guys can feel the same pangs under a stoic surface. We aren’t steel productions with an assembly line microchip in our hearts and head.

Loneliness knows no sex. It’s ruthless.

Someone has to make a welcoming noise to break the sad silence that talks to its own self.

They say that loneliness is going to be the largest epidemic to break out on planet earth. Globally warm and emotionally freezing

“Hello! Is there anybody our there? Not if you can’t hear me.”


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