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Take a pressure cooker. Seal the valve. Turn the heat on. And just forget to switch it off .

Sexual repression is just that. We’ll end up getting screwed up in the head because inner conflicts are going to muddle us. They’ll burst out from a kinky nut.

Now I don’t know when this ‘repression revolution’ started in those modern times of ancient days. Queen Victoria of England put the lids on all genital activity beyond the confines of marriage. Or, so they say.

later, with jeans and T-shirts on we said that we’d rather rough it out and not miss out on the fun.

The world began saying that if , ” Sex is bad then more sex is more fun”.

Now were the ancients jealous folks? Or were they wise enough to see the pitfall of a sexually rampant and chaotic society full of break ups and social splintering?

But, somewhere, sometime, with someone we’ll have to draw the line of discipline and commitment.

And how big or small should that line be while having fun?

I guess each of us have to figure out what’s best for us.


Posted by on January 26, 2011 in Pressure Cooker