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Grunt! Grunt! Guys don’t cry

Guilty of feelings?

In the movie ‘First Blood’, Rambo finishes his battle with all his army skills, trained to be a killing machine. Cold and silent. No emotions.

In the end the killing machine was interrupted by sobbing when he finally breaks down in front of his army colonel.

The pent up bubble had burst.

The movie had a message. Both the colonel and his soldier were human too and not entirely made up of rock and steel.

So, if guys are not supposed to cry then why did nature give us tear glands?

To flush out foreign particles in the eye?

As babies did we never cry? I am sure we were cranky.

It’s not a bad idea to get emotional as long as we don’t overdo it. Emotions clean up the soul and this is not to say that we’ve got to cry at the sound of every fart.

Now women and men do the same things but differently.

Women dance. We do

Women sing. We do

Women laugh. We do

Women get angry. We do

Women dress. We do.

Women do xyz. We do

Women cook. We do

Both men and women express but the expressions also carry the sex of their expressing persons. The styles differ, unique to each other

Songs are emotions

Movies are emotions

Art is emotions

Both women and men are involved.

It depends on the style whether it’s wearing pants or skirts.

And it happens in real life too. Men who go through a rough patch can cry because they know best what pain is. Ever seen Billionaires cry?


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